Recycled Easy Embroidery with Alexa Lett

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Recycled Easy Embroidery with Alexa Lett


This is a fun, exploratory adventure into easy embellishment of embroidery with vintage notions and fabrics. Provided will be the base vintage quilt piece, which will act as your canvas. , You will be taught some simple embroidery stitches to accent your canvas, with the freedom to sift through a stash of vintage fabric, notions and trinkets to embellish your canvas. You are in essence creating a textile art piece.

Instructor: Alexa Lett
Cost: $42
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Class size limit: 8

Vintage and handmade have always been a part of my creativity and gift giving. Many forms of art have evolved over the years. A handmade gift and accessory business was the beginning, which included 22 sales reps and a sea of moms doing piecework. It later evolved into a book entitled “Homemade” which was full of recipes you could not eat…which then led to creative segments on various HGTV and TLC television shows, magazines, ‘how-to’ styled books, speaking engagements and teaching workshops over the years. But, motherhood began to take more time and a different creative focus began.

My passion for ‘all things stitched’ became the art form of choice for many reasons. I love the creative process, the beauty of imperfection and the ability to determine handmade in a nano second. Years of supporting an athletic daughter led to hours of sitting on a bleacher. This time became the foundation of learning the art of stitching. The need to be creative had to become mobile for me, so this medium was perfect. Plus, a giddy zeal for vintage fabrics and notions collected over the years provided enough supply to last a lifetime of ballgames.

Now, the nest is empty and my little bird is off in college. A rented art studio in a wonderful creative community is my home away from home. I am back to ALL things creative. Mixed media, jewelry, art and stitchery seem to be the medium of choice. The creative world for me is blossoming in a new way….I love it.

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Arena is Full

The arena space is full.  There are still spaces left in the barn.  Fill out an application here to join us.

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Nantucket Style Baskets with Robin Goatey

Two of the most popular and valued basket making traditions are created using molds. We will use the round mold shapes of the Nantucket Tradition to create a small multimedia basket for the Spinning Wheel, The molds are just a start and baskets can be finished with handspun, findings and charms to create what I call “The Talisman Memoria Basket”.

Instructor: Robin Goatey
Cost: $37
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Class size limit: 6

Nantucket Style Baskets with Robin Goatey

Robin is an award winning full time festival craftsman working Fiber Festivals in the Midwest, having recently served as Instructor at the John C. Campbell Folk School. Inspired by Tolkien’s Legendarium, he started carving Ents, Wizards and Castles after reading the Hobbit four decades ago. Woodcarving, Woodturning, Hand Built Ceramics, Hot and Cold Glass, Coppersmithing, Enameling, Broom Making, Tool Making, Spinning & Navajo Style Weaving are current specialties. Teaching the Traditional Crafts is a passion. He also conducts a lively online trade in ‘Heirloom Quality Hand Made Fiber Tools’.

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Classes are open

Classes are available for registration…check them out.  We have a great line up this year as usual.

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Community Center is full!

We still have space for vendors in the barn and the show arena.

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Accepting Class Proposals

Yes, the class proposal application is up.  Visit the class page to submit your ideas.



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Happy New Year

Hope it is a year of fiber goodness for all.  Keep an eye out for vendor applications soon.

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Tomorrow is the Day

Hope everyone is as excited as we are for tomorrow.  Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day, so come out and enjoy a fun day of fiber with the community.

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Spinning with a Drop Spindle with Sue Gazell

Spinning beautiful yarn does not have to be a costly venture. Learn how to spin on a simple tool that can fit in your purse and your budget, the drop spindle. You will learn how to draft and spin wool roving into a single, then explore several ways to ply this single into a yarn. A simple wood spindle and some wool roving will be provided. But beware, spindling is addictive!

Instructor: Sue Gazell
Cost: $37 (includes materials fee)
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Class Size Limit: 5
If the class fills, an additional session will be added from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Sue began spinning on a wheel, but soon learned that spinning with a spindle had its advantages. It’s more portable, less complicated, and less costly than a wheel.  She rarely met a spindle she didn’t like, and thus grew a collection and passion for spindles of all styles.

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Beautiful Reds from Natural Dyes with Gina Levesque

This class covers how lasting reds were produced on cloth. Dyes included are madder, cochineal, and Brazilwood. Students will learn how to manipulate each color using pH and temperature. The history of each dye will also be discussed. Students will leave class with samples and recipes.

Instructor: Gina Levesque
Cost: $43
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Class Size Limit: 12

Artist Gina Levesque has been working in traditional fiber arts since a young girl. Gina works with natural dye stuffs, weaving, rug hooking, spinning, and traditional penny rug construction. Due to her love of the outdoors and training as a biologist, she finds the natural world to be the greatest influence on her work. She remains true to the roots of these traditional fiber arts by incorporating some recycled materials into her finished pieces. Many times she works with wool to create her one-of-a-kind pieces.
Although primarily self taught, she has also attended numerous workshops and classes with noted master dyers and instructors such as Michelle Whipplinger (Earth Hues), Lisel Orlend, and Laura Strand.
As an instructor, she has conducted classes, workshops, demonstrations, and given lectures on natural dyes at various locations throughout the country. She has taught classes in natural dyeing and shibori at numerous venues including City Arts Center (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma), Multi Arts Studio (Stillwater, Oklahoma), The Fiber Event (Greencastle, Indiana), Fiber Christmas (Kelleyville, Oklahoma), Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival (Dickson, Tennessee) Project WILD Regional Facilitators Workshop (Kansas), and Wool Fest (Washington, Indiana) as well as lecturing to numerous quilting, spinning, and rug hooking groups on the topic.
Her fiber art business, Across Generations, provides supplies and beginning projects to those interested in rug hooking, penny rugs, and natural dyeing. Gina holds memberships in The Tulsa Rug Hooking Guild, The Tulsa Handweavers Guild, Murrell Home Fiber Arts Guild, and Natural Dyes International.

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