Introduction to Weaving on an Inkle Loom

Classroom A from 1pm to 3pm and taught by Rioana Buckmaster:

Inkle class exampsHave you ever looked at the big harness looms and wondered if weaving was for you? This class is your chance to find out! We will use a Mini Inkle Loom to explore weaving with a simple heddle system to create a basic warp-faced fabric that will introduce you to some of the principles used in weaving on the multiple harness looms. You will learn to warp your loom, tie heddles, create 2 different sheds to pass the shuttle through, how to keep your edges tidy, how to fix a broken warp thread, and how to begin and end your project.  Class fee includes a loom and shuttle for you to keep, along with the yarn for your class project.

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Gina Levesque

Gina will be teaching Introduction to Natural Dyeing in Classroom F from 1pm to 4pm:


Artist Gina Levesque has been working in traditional fiber arts since a young girl. Gina works with natural dye stuffs, weaving, rug hooking, spinning, and traditional penny rug construction. Due to her love of the outdoors and training as a biologist, she finds the natural world to be the greatest influence on her work. She remains true to the roots of these traditional fiber arts by incorporating some recycled materials into her finished pieces. Many times she works with wool to create her one-of-a-kind pieces.

Although primarily self taught, she has also attended numerous workshops and classes with noted master dyers and instructors such as Michelle Whipplinger (Earth Hues), Lisel Orlend, and Laura Strand.

As an instructor, she has conducted classes, workshops, demonstrations, and given lectures on natural dyes at various locations throughout the country. She has taught classes in natural dyeing and shibori at numerous venues including City Arts Center (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma), Multi Arts Studio (Stillwater, Oklahoma), The Fiber Event (Greencastle, Indiana), Fiber Christmas (Kelleyville, Oklahoma), Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival (Dickson, Tennessee) Project WILD Regional Facilitators Workshop (Kansas), and Wool Fest (Washington, Indiana) as well as lecturing to numerous quilting, spinning, and rug hooking groups on the topic.

Her fiber art business, Across Generations, provides supplies and beginning projects to those interested in rug hooking, penny rugs, and natural dyeing. Gina holds memberships in The Tulsa Rug Hooking Guild, The Tulsa Handweavers Guild, Murrell Home Fiber Arts Guild, and Natural Dyes International.

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Introduction to Natural Dyeing

Classroom F from 1pm to 4pm and taught by Gina Levesque:

In this class you will learn why various fibers take dye differently, the difference between a dye and a stain, what colorfast and lightfast mean, how to dye with several historical dyes from around the globe and those in your backyard. Each student will participate in dyeing samples they can take home in a notebook. Please wear old clothing or a dye apron and come prepared to have a good time.

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Meredith Kermicle

Meredith will be teaching Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom in Classroom E from 1pm to 4pm:

Meredith is the owner of The Knaughty Knitter, the yarn store here in the ‘Boro. She has been knitting and crocheting since childhood, and learned to weave 15 years ago. She has been teaching knitting, weaving and other fiber arts for 9+ years.


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Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom

Classroom E from 1pm to 4pm and taught by Meredith Kermicle:

Beginning WeavingI’ve heard it said that weaving is the new knitting.  Come learn how to weave on a rigid heddle loom.  Its a great way to use stash yarns, and so satisfying to make quick projects.  You’ll use our looms to make a piece of fabric suitable for a purse, pillow or table runner.  You’ll need 150 yards of dk/worsted weight wool or cotton yarn for  warp and other yarns to weave with.  These can be any weight or type of yarn, bits and pieces of leftover yarns too.  There will some available in class to add variety to your piece.

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Lisanne Miller

Lisanne will be teaching  Rug Hooking:Pumpkin and Indian Corn in 3D in Classroom E from 9am to 12pm:


Lisanne first held a hook at the age of fourteen as part of the Bi-Centennial Celebration of America—hooking a simple chair pad from some of her mother’s old wool suits. The hook, wool, extra burlap and chair pad traveled with her in her mother’s cedar chest until a dear friend one day revealed that she had a new interest she just loved—primitive rug hooking. Lisanne has never looked back or put her hook down since creating and designing whimsical, wonderful pieces of modern day folk art.

Lisanne is the owner of P is for Primitive as well as a Master Craftsmen of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi—recently named as one of the Top 40 Artists, Regional Coordinator for ATHA (Association of Traditional Hooking Artists), President of The Magnolia Wool Dust Society, ATHA Chapter #114, and her rugs have appeared in several ATHA publications as well as the most recent book by Jessie Turbayne. Lisanne’s work will be featured in the new book, “Top 40 at 40” due out October 2013.
Lisanne teaches across the United States privately and has taught and/or is teaching at Hooked in the Mountains, Star of Texas, Green Mountain Rug School, ATHA Region 1 School and Caraway Rug School.
FMI: please visit Lisanne’s website

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Rug Hooking—Pumpkin and Indian Corn in 3D

Classroom E from 9am to 12pm and taught by Lisanne Miller:

pumpkinscanLearn how to hook or for those that love to hook, bring your Fall wool scraps!  This project has something for everyone and you make your Fall centerpiece.  Lisanne will show you how to use various yarns and wool to create a wonderful 3D pumpkin or 3 ears of Indian Corn.  Workshop fee includes either the pumpkin or Indian corn pattern and wool. Additional patterns can be purchased during class a well as a beginner hook for $5 and a hoop for $20.

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Jill Wood

Jill will be teaching Triangle Loom Weaving in Classroom A from 9am – 12pm:

Jill Wood has been teaching spinning and weaving and in the Sheep to Shawl seminars twice a year for the the last 9 years. She has also been teaching classes at the Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival and the Fiber in the Boro for several years. She is also involved in the Sheep to Shawl Video produced by Annamadeit productions.image2

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Triangle Loom Weaving

Classroom A from 9am to 12pm and taught by Jill Wood:

image1In this class you will learn how to start a triangle shawl, how to weave on a triangle loom, how to change colors and how to finish and remove the shawl from the loom.  The two and a half- foot looms will be included in the class fee. You will need to bring 4 oz of yarn, any kind, any color or two or three colors if you would like.

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Kendall Frazier

Kendall will be teaching Knitting for Beginners in Classroom D from 9am to 12pm and Drop Spinning for Beginners in Classroom B from 1pm to 3pm:

IMG_000720 years ago Kendall’s mom bought her an “I Taught Myself To Knit” kit on clearance at a discount store. Since then she has only stopped knitting long enough to drive.  She does not consider waiting at stoplights to actually be driving. When you pull up next to a crazy lady furiously knitting a sock until the light turns green it’s probably her.


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