Intro to Art Yarn with Melany Parrott

What is “Art Yarn”? Let’s explore the textural, colorful, freestyle world of art yarn. Creativity with freedom! Thick and Thin yarns with intention, Autowrapping, Supercoils, Fabric, beads, silks…Limitless add-ins. Did you know that this can all be spun with a standard sized orifice? Well, it can!! No longer is the excuse, “My wheel won’t spin it” acceptable. Learn how in “Intro to Art Yarn”. (basic spinning experience is required)

Skills required: be able spin a single and ply. (advanced beginner)

Participants are responsible for bringing their own spinning wheel (any wheel; one with a regular sized orifice is fine); 2 ounces of prepped fiber (combed top or a batt); multiple bobbins (3); lazy kate; yarn suitable for core spinning (brushed mohair or crochet cotton #10). If you have something special you want to spin, bring that too!

The instructor will provide add ins for art yarn, additional spinning fiber, locks, threads for plying and autowrapping, samples to see and feel, and instruction.

Instructor: Melany Parrott
Cost: $63
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Class size limit: 10

Melany Parrott is a wife, mother, shepherdess, and general fiber addict from Middle Tennessee. Her favorite yarn style is Art Yarn. She believes in the freedom to create textural yarns as interpreted by ones personal senses.


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