Class Application

Thank you for your interest in teaching a Fiber in the Boro workshop.  Please fill out the information below.  We will contact by email if we have any questions and with further information.  Please feel free to contact us at

Workshops will be offered in 2-3 hour intervals during the day.  Since we are all using the same spaces, please make sure to start on time and conclude a few minutes early for the next session to begin.

Fiber in the Boro will 15% to of the fee you charge to help us with costs.  We are non-profit and these small amounts allow us to keep the festival free for the public. Be sure that the fee you set includes what you want to keep plus the 15% that goes to the festival.

Payment will be made to you in the form of a check at the end of the festival day.

Please indicate what you will need for your class.  We would appreciate any help setting up as we are a small staff.

All workshops and instructor bios will be posted to the sites.  If there is somewhere else you think would be good for us to advertise, please do let us know.

General Principles:
Please help us to provide a smooth show for everyone.  It’s important that we all treat each other with kindness and be good neighbors.  There is plenty of room for everyone and we appreciate your patience and understanding with everyone around you in order to ensure that the festival runs efficiently.

Class Proposal




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