We are now accepting vendor applications for the 2014 Fiber in the Boro!

You can review the guidelines here.

You can pay for your booth here. The early bird reduced rate is available through May 31.

If you prefer old school methods, you can download the application Fiber_in_the_Boro_2014_Vendor_Application.
Then print, complete and mail the application and payment to:

Fiber in the Boro
PO Box 110175
Nashville, TN 37222-0175

Your Name
Please enter your name.
Business Name
Please enter the name of your business (if you have one).
Street Address
Please provide a phone number where we can reach you.
Phone (alternate)
Please let us know if you have an alternate phone number.
Description: ?
Please describe what you will be selling at your booth.
Special Instructions/Accommodations
Would you like to donate a door prize?
Liability Release
This GENERAL, RELEASE Is executed this day of
Your name.
hereinafter referred to as “Releasor” to the Rutherford County Extension (hereinafter referred to as the Releasee, collectively referred to as “Releasees). In consideration of being permitted to enter ion the properties of Releasee, Lane Agri-Park Livestock Barn or Community Center located at 315 John R. Rice Blvd., Murfreesboro, TN (hereinafter the ‘Premises’), and to participate in Fiber in the ‘Boro during the dates of November 1st and 2nd, 2013 and for other good and valuable consideration, Releasor, intending to be legally bound by Releasor, Releasor’s spouse, legal representative, heirs, officers, directors, shareholders, agents. partners, employees, successors and assigns, hereby releases, waives and discharges the Releasee, its partners, officers, directors, shareholders, agents, employees, successors, assigns and affiliates (including corporations and partnerships. and their officers, directors, shareholders, partners, employees, agents. heirs, legal representatives, successors, and assigns)”), from all liability to the Releasee and to the Releasees for any and all loss or damage, and any claim or damages resulting therefrom, on account of injury to the Releasor’s person or property, including injury resulting in death of the Releasor, whether caused by the negligence of Releasee or otherwise while the Releasor is on the Premises. Releasor agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Releasee and Releasees against any claim, loss liability, damage or cost of which each of them may incur doe to the entry or presence of Releasor or Releasor’s property, in or on the Premises. Releasor expressly agrees that this General Release is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the law, and that if any portion hereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, not withstanding, continue in full force and effect. In WITNESS WHEREOF, Releasor has executed this General Release on the day and year first written above.
You can read and print a copy of the rules and liability release here:

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