Advanced Drop Spinning with Justin Near

Interested in taking the next step with your spindle? Whether you’re a beginner who still has questions or a more advanced explorer, this class will help you on your quest for learning. Included in the class will be informal question-asking and lots of practice in a relaxed space as well as a hands-on presentation of different types of fiber and different types of spindles and how the two relate to one another. We’ll talk about longer fibers, like longwools and alpaca, vs shorter fibers, like cotton and angora, and the basic physics of spindles, like the difference between a top-whorl and a bottom-whorl and why you can’t spin chunky on a Russian spindle or laceweight on a Navajo spindle. Bring questions! And if you already have a spindle and a specific fiber you are working with, bring that, too, but if not, plenty of other fibers and spindles will be provided for your use during the class.

Instructor: Justin Near
Cost: $32
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Class size limit: 6

Inspired by the beautiful, natural creations of her fellow Waldorf homeschoolers, Justin Near decided that she wanted to share their products with Nashville and the rest of the world through her business, LoMaNa, which stands for Locally Made in Nashville. Justin’s fiber journey began with a simple drop spindle made by a dear friend…and down the rabbit hole she went.

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